Pounding head, burning throat and a runny nose including more cognate factors like fever, vomiting, diarrhea and multiple type of aches are telling you, it’s more than seasonal flu. Now, it’s assuredly arduous to label the condition as Seasonal Influenza or Swine fluviral attack!

The number of swine flu victims increased to 6 in the provincial capital of Punjab. 47- year old victim, Sohail, was the resident of Multan Road, Lahore. After the swine flu attack, he was admitted in a private hospital for four consecutive days. National Institute of Health Islamabad corroborated the presence of virus in his blood sample.

According to a report, Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi are the top affected cities in Pakistan. Punjab Health department claimed that, there is scarcity of Swine flu medicine in the province. Due to this, the dengue wards of hospitals have been converted into swine flu ward. The total number of swine flu victims has reached to 105 and the death rate has risen to 20. There were only 10 cases of swine flu reported in 2014 with the mortality rate of 5. India has been the victim of this epidemic since 2013. There were about 13,000 cases with the mortality rate of 444. 1000 people died and 20,000 were affected by H1N1 virus in India in 2014.

The worst thing cognate to Swine flu pandemic is that, it would take on the comportment of the seasonal flu. In most cases it may take on the behavior of mild influenza like illness. So, it is all-important to get oneself examined at the initial stage. Swine flu virus originated in pigs. In Muslim countries, there is no such source of virus; the only source here is those who come from abroad.

It keeps on spreading regardless of age and gender difference but the children below 5 years and people above 65 are at higher jeopardy. Sneezing, coughing and having contacts with the bodily fluids of affected humans provide the spread-mediums to this virus. Haplessly, being a developing country we are lacking in major medical and technical facilities and in a situation like this the elevation in mortality rate is authentically alarming.

According to Professor Robert Booy, head of clinical research at the National Centre for Immunization Research & Surveillance in Australia, says that “despite of the immensely colossal symptoms, the two viral attacks have some key differences”.

– “HIN1 causes remotely more vomiting and diarrhea than seasonal flu. Seasonal flu attacks might give 10% vomiting cases of children whereas swine flu gave 30% vomiting cases in children.”

– “Seasonal flu customarily affects the adults whereas Swine flu virus affects mostly children of age less than 5 and people of age more than 65.”

– The incubation period for Swine flu virus is 7-10 days which is much longer than seasonal influenza virus.
Some fatal complications cognate to Swine flu are Pneumonia, Respiratory failure, some chronic diseases including cardiovascular, neurological diseases and asthma.

Treatment and Prevention of Swine flu

Yearly, flu vaccination is the only best solution. Other precautions may include;

– Stay home if you are ill.
– Avoid crowded places when swine flu is prevalent.
– Frequently wash your hands with a hand sanitizer.
– Try eschewing close contacts with ill people.
– Most importantly, discard your tissues opportunely.
– Avoid physically contacting your nose, eyes and mouth during common symptoms of flu.


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